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Adama, Oromiyaa, Aethiopien – Schlosser schweisst auf der Strasse 07.11.2019, Adama, Oromiyaa, Aethiopien – Ein Schlosser schweisst auf der Strasse Tore und Gitter mit Hilfe eines Elektroschweissgeraetes zusammen. Als Arbeitsschutz dient ihm eine Sonnenbrille fuer die Augen sowie ein Halstuch vor dem Gesicht. Projektdokumentation des Ev.-luth. Missionswerk in Niedersachsen. Adama Oromiyaa Aethiopien *** Adama, Oromiyaa, Ethiopia A locksmith is welding on the road 07 11 2019, Adama, Oromiyaa, Ethiopia A locksmith is welding gates and grids together on the road with the help of an electric welder He is wearing sunglasses for his eyes and a scarf in front of his face as protection at work Project documentation of the Ev luth Missionswerk in Lower Saxony Adama Oromiyaa Ethiopia

Companies in Adama, Ethiopia

P.O.BOX 2624, Adama
Our Vision Being the most well known brand business organization by producing the leading and selective products of flour, pasta, macaroni, and as well as packaging materials of plastic bags, pp bags ..

Oyru Delivery

bole, gandagara, ganda oda,Tena, adama, Adama
Oyru delivery delivers fresh fruit and vegetables of high quality, low price, higher sellection on time to your doorstep. call and order.

Abigya Pharmacy

Nazreth, Adama
+251 91 555 234

Adama Steel Factory

ADAMA, Adama
0940 808080, 0940 909090, 0940 606060, 0221 119020