1. City profile

1.1 Name of the city: Adama

1.2 Mission of the city administration

Adama city administration’s mission are creating resilient & suitable city for residence, making the city the hub of investments, trade, industry commercial & conference/tourism, promoting optimum use of city’s resources at its disposal for the wish & benefit of city’s residents in legally & socially responsible manner, providing demand-driven equitable, quality & pro-poor physical & social infrastructural services those can bringing trickling-down effects to the residents & the communities residing in its hinterland & improving the living condition of the residents through improving dysfunctional service delivery system, implementing city’s basic strategic plan, planning & prioritizing activities with the community in all its engagements.

1.3 Vision

Upon its unleashed potential for the future development, Adama city is envisioned to be the center of flourishing industry, trade, finance, tourism, conference & residence by 2025 & beyond.

1.4 History of the city

The stretched railway from Djibouti to Addis Ababa was the main attributes for the establishment of the city. Adama is one of the major towns came into being with the introduction of the Addis Ababa-Djibouti railway line. Adama was establishedin 1916 at a distance of 99 kilometers southeast of Finfinne (Addis Ababa) in the Great Rift Valley of East Africa.

Since its establishment, Adama is serving as the administrative, commercial, manufacturing & educational hub in the region & served as a distribution center for the surrounding areas as a lively city. Several unreserved & countless efforts have been also made to make the city preferable to investment, residence, trade & industry, build economically & an iconic city with good reputations.

As a result, the city gradually grew from a hamlet into a hub of industries, public administration & trade center with great reputation in the country.According to the information gathered from Adama city land management & development agency, Adama stretches astronomically from 8 0 33 11 to 8 0 36 11 north latitude &39 0 11 1 57 11- 39 0 21 1 15 11 longitudes.

Adama district fully enclaves & demarcates Adama city in four corners of its margins. The city is also situated north of prominent Awash River that has been the most utilized river for irrigation in the country & the source of city’s potable water.

1.5 Organizational structure of the

Although municipal status was given to the city in 1945 (1937 E.C), the city was not acquired fully effective self-government. The city granted the status of first grade autonomous urban local administration to tackle the city’s challenges;act independently based on shared national development vision & exercise self-administration & enjoys both financial & planning autonomy by the proclamation No. 65/2003 enacted in 2003.

The current city governance is characterized by the existence of two administrations, state & municipal functions.According to new form of organizational framework of the city administration, it has comprised all branches of the government structures that include legislative, judiciary & executive bodies to ensure the prevalence of check & balance of power in city administration system.

The city administration is organized into city council, mayor, mayoral committee, municipal service & other many pertinent bodies to the city administration.The city administration divided into 31 sect oral offices & agencies with their own duties & responsibilities.

Furthermore, the main functional arms of the city administration are distributed systematically across these three-tiered structures and segments of the city administration that offered at city level, six (6) sub-cities and 18 Gendas level (the lowest tier of the city administration), as many city administration functions & services were cascaded to the lower echelon of the city to provide prompt economic &social services to the community within their jurisdictions or ambits.