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According to the 1994 Census, there were 25,018 housing units in Adama. Available figures on a number of housing units considerably vary from organisations to organisation. For instance,
Adama Towns Municipalities Registry
indicates that there were 17, 925 housing units in 2002/3. Out of this 10,350 (57.7%) were privately owned houses whereas 6,747 (37.6%) were Ganda (Kebele) houses. More »
  Message - President of ORS

Message from His Excellency Mr. Junedi Sado,
President of Regional State of Oromiya

It is my pleasure to invite you all to invest in Oromiya, which is the largest and one of the flourishing Regional States in Ethiopia. My regional state is more than ready to accommodate any investment request through the various government structures.

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  Our Vision

This vision was developed by the city dwellers of Adam city in 2002.

  • An Oromo City:
    • This vision was set to create sense of ownership in the minds of the local people and support them to urbanize and actively participate in the socio-economic development of the city,
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Origin and Development
The term “Adama” was pointed to have originated from an Oromo word—Adaamii. It is a name for tree types called “cactus” in English. According to local people, there were plenty of Adaamii trees in and around old Adama areas. More »
Physical characteristics
Adama is situated within the Wonji Fault Belt, in the main structural systems of the Ethiopian Rift Valley. Geological studies indicate that the present physiography of the area is the result of volcano-tectonic activities occurred in the past and thus deposition of sediment largely of fluvial and lacustraine origin. More »
Location and climate
Adama City is located at some 100 kilometers from Finfinne, on the southeast along the main road to Harar. Its grid references point that the City stretches between 80 33' to 80 36' North latitude and 390 11' 57" to 390 21' 15" East longitude. Adama lies in somewhat warm and lower badda dare Climate. More »
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